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Laojia's art work have been wild collected, such as The National Art Museum of China, The e.land group , Korea, The National Museum of China, Singapore, EU......

Masculine Meeting on the Grasslands   collected by the National Art Museum of China  178x573   1986

The ambition of many building a city   collected by the e.land group , Korea  700×180   1988年 

The Men      collected by The National Museum of China    
193×200   1994

Hulunbeier Man    collected by the National Art Museum of China    248×123   1993

Hulunbeier Man, inscribing the following:

“Painting is the artist himself, painting and painter both have a wealth of emotions. Paintings should mirror the artist’s emotional changes, reflecting joy and pain; thus the formal language of painting is bound to be extremely rich. This is one of the reasons that Chinese freehand painting has eternal value: it mirrors the movements of the art; it is painting of the heart.”

In the beginning    collected by  Beijing Fine Art Academy    40x41  1987
“At the beginning of man, at the beginning of art, at the beginning of painting—there is the elevation of beauty.”

Do the job    collected by Porsche family  34x34   1999